Thursday 19 September 2013

Wild geese and a Swedish memory

I am blogging again about another sign of autumn I witnessed before going to work on Monday morning. The day was sunny and crisp, cold as if it was the middle of October. I love days like this. And I saw and heard, flying low in the morning sky, a flock of wild geese. It was beautiful. I couldn't identify the geese, I don't think they were Canadian geese. But it was simply beautiful. Flocks of geese migrating always remind of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, or Nils Holgersson as we used to call it when we watched the Japanese anime. It made me discover Sweden. Years later, my Swedish sister bought be an abridged version (and translated in French of course) of the original novel by Selma Lagerlof. It was a nice read. I thought about it when I saw the geese flying.

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