Saturday, 4 February 2023

The end of Autumnwatch

I learned some sad news from my wife. You know how I love Autumnwatch, the show about British wildlife and how the season affects it. Well, it turns out that the BBC has cancelled the show after 17 years. Because of money issues. Well of course. Now I must confess: I had not been watching it all that much in recent years (my last entry about it dates back to 2015). I guess I was more trying to experience than waching it on a screen. All the same, this is borderline heartbreaking, as the show really helped raise awareness on a number of environmental issues and made many people like myself discover and love British wildlife.

Cabane à pêche de luxe

 Souvent, Le Quotidien couvre les chiens écrasés. En tout cas, ses articles sont assez triviaux. Mais bon, quand même, pour l'expatrié que je suis, le lire peut être assez plaisant. Donc, j'ai lu un de ses articles sur une cabane pour la pêche blanche construite de manière artisanale. Une cabane de luxe que son créateur va utiliser à La Baie. Je n'ai jamais fait de pêche blanche et je n'ai pas vraiment de patience pour la pêche, mais j'irais bien dans celle-là, rien que parce que ça a l'air vraiment confortable et plein de cachet.

Friday, 3 February 2023

Of Books and Censorship

I found this meme on one of the atheists pages I have been following on Facebook. I don't know author Judy Blume, but she is spot on here. This is how I was raised and this is how we are raising Wolfie.

Cymbidium en fleurs

Des fois mon père m'envoie des photos de son cymbidium. Je partage pour vous donner un peu de couleur, surtout si les journées sont grises là où vous êtes.

Thursday, 2 February 2023

Things to do in February

 Well it's the beginning of the month and English Heritage wrote a post about five things to do in February. They had done the same in January, I am sure we'll have the same in the upcoming months. Anyway, we are always looking for things to keep Wolfie entertained, so I will be reading these suggestions eagerly. It will also be inspiring for some February walks. We are not very close for any site of the English Heritage, but I am sure we can find something at a decent distance we can go to.

La marmorte

Triste nouvelle: Fred, la marmotte de Val d'Espoir, est morte. Le Jour de la Marmotte y a donc été annulé, parce que c'est ledit Fred qui prophétisait. Ce qui veut aussi dire que l'hiver va être long. Je ne m'en plaindrai pas. Et ça veut aussi dire que je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de commettre un autre calembour atroce dans le titre de ce billet: la marmorte. 'Scusez-la.

New Crime Coming from South Africa

I learned yesterday that there is a new crime novel by South African crime writer Deon Meyer that will be released this year. I say this year, but it will only be available in translation in 2024. Darnit. I know little about it, except whatever info we have form this promotional picture: its Afrikaans title is Leo, it will involve sober alcoholic police captain Benny Griessel, his partner Vaugh Cupido, both form the Hawks (cool name), and probably a plane. Oh and there will be trouble, but that was to be expected.

Un message de la marmotte

 Nous sommes la Chandeleur, qui est aussi le Jour de la Marmotte. Je n'aime pas le Jour de la Marmotte et j'ai trouvé important de partager ce message de la marmotte en question.

Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Gathering sticks

I mentioned this particular hobby of Wolfie last year. We went to a walk this weekend and Wolfie took the opportunity to renew his old activity/game: collecting sticks on the way. Now he has special criteria for them: they must be no longer than his arm's lenght. I have no idea why, but he's adamant about this. And what does he do with the sticks? Nothing.Sometimes he does not even bring them home. But for a while in our walks, he carries one stick or two, sometimes a bunch of them, for whatever reason. Somehow, it gives a sort of purpose to our walks.


Je vais commencer mon billet par mon lieu commun: nous sommes le premier février. Un mois que je n'aime pas particulièrement, mais au moins il est court. J'aimerais que le soit autant. Je n'ai pas de vacances, selon mon expérience ce sera sans doute un peu lent au travail de toutes façons, il y a quelques célébrations et anniversaires à souligner (j'y reviendrai), mais en général, c'est plutôt tranquille. Et vous, comment prévoyez-vous votre moisde février? Que pensez-vous du mois en général?

Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Muddy boots

 Every week, Wolfie has forest school. On this occasion, he must wear warm clothes, water-proof trousers and boots. Which he does. So every week, he comes back with muddy boots. And I mean very muddy boots. The same thing happened last weekend, when we went for a walk in the nearby boots. We all walked back with muddy boots, but Wolfie's looked like they had been taken through a swamp. So recently my life has been about getting rid of the mud under his boots. Moral of the story: that's part of a dad's life.


Nous avons reçu une invitation à un mariage aujourd'hui. Une amie de ma femme se marie dans quelques mois. Je crois que la dernière invitation reçue pour un mariage date d'une dizaine d'années, sinon plus. Sur l'invitation, ils ont épellé mon nom "Guilliame". Nous allons sans doute l'accepter quand même, je sais que ce n'est pas méchant, mais je trouve que c'est quand même un peu nono.

January staycation

I have forgotten to mention it, but the last three working days of January, including of course today, I have been on holiday. I had to take leave before the end of the month, so I quickly booked them. Which means that I have been on holiday quite a lot in January, as I also took the first week off. Since Wolfie is at school, we haven't done anything special, but that is all right, I think January is not for exhausting activities anyway, if one can avoid it. I had done the same thing in 2022 and had enjoyed it a lot. So yes, in sum, I am starting to think that January is a fine month for taking short holidays, as long as they are staycations.

Le cégep de Chicoutimi en hiver

J'ai trouvé cettephoto sur la page Facebook du Cégep de Chicoutimi. C'est l'entrée de l'ancien séminaire, aujourd'hui "Centre socio-culturel" (à moins que le nom ait changé depuis, sait-on jamais). Le Cégep est laid d'à peu près partout, sauf là. C'était bien entendu ma section préférée quand j'y allais. En hiver comme vous le voyez sur cette photo, ça a encore plus de cachet.

Monday, 30 January 2023

Dunk Low: Montreal Bagel

Great news I learned from the Facebook page of St-Viateur Bagel: Nike has designed a new shoe wearing the colours and look of a Montreal bagel. Ihad not Not sure why or how they came up with this idea, but it's a great one all the same. I haven't wore Nike since my teenage, but I think it's time I wear them again. Because these are proper sneakers (or trainers as we call them here) for people of taste.

Perdrix sur la neige

Photo prise sur le lot de mes oncles, et en couleur par-dessus le marché, d'une des caméras de surveillance. Des perdrix sur la neige. Je la partage rien que parce que.

Sunday, 29 January 2023

Of the usefulness of torches

You may remember that back in 2021, I received a torch as a birthday present. It is actually something I had asked for a number of reasons. I really loved the torch my wife bought me, it turned out to be one of the coolest and most useful presents I had in recent years. But near the end of 2022, for some mysterious reason, the torch completely fell apart: the button could not be pressed and it stopped working. Maybe because I had used it so much. It turned out that I had become dependent on my torch: I used it in the to take the bins out when it got late, I kept it on me when I had to walk at night, or even in the house to find something in a dark cupboard. It is crazy how useful a torch is, once you get used to it. So I asked for another torch as a Christmas present. My wife bought me two. The same model as the one before. I hope they lasts longer.

Le bois, les bûches

 Nous avons fait une petite promenade dans le bois en famille aujourd'hui. Un bois près de chez nous, qui commence à se gentrifier: on y coupe du bois et ça fait une belle photo, en tout cas une photo intéressante. Que j'ai voulu partager dès notre retour.

"Air Patrol"

 You know Wolfie loves everything related to transport and all sorts of vehicles, fast or slow, whether they are used to travel on land, water and air. And thus, he also loves helicopters, which are featured in many of his make-belief games. Of course, he has a few toy helicopters. We even bought him a shirt in Next that has an army helicopter on it. He loves it. I don't know how genuine the information on the shirt is, I don't know enough about the military, but it looks pretty cool. In any case, it's a new source of inspiration for him every time he plays.

Un gorille

Photo prise dans l'Isle of Wight, à Robin Hill pour être exact. Robin Hill est un parc pour enfants que petit loup a beaucoup aimé. On y trouvait notamment de faux et de vrais animaux, dont des faux gorilles qui avaient l'air très vrais. Celui-ci en tout cas nous a beaucoup impressionnés. Par une journée chaude (beaucoup trop chaude) d'été, nous avions l'impression d'être quelque part en Afrique. S'il avait bougé, je n'aurais pas été étonné.