Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Mozart, Wolfie and me (and Mozartkugeln)

I will start this post with a great unknown line that I said today. At work, we have the radio on, but I generally prefer to listen to music on YouTube, it helps me concentrate better than whatever pop song is trendy. As the boss disliked one song playing, she asked for a change of station. One of my colleagues who knows my love of Mozart told me: "Could be worse, could be Mozart". To which I replied: "Don't talk against Mozart, he makes people smarter." He laughed and admitted that it was a good come back line. You see, even if he does not like Mozart, he knows about the Mozart effect and says it worked or might have worked on his own kid.

So I listen to Mozart at work and I listen to Mozart at home. As you know, I also share this with my son. Especially if my wife is out and we have a boys' night in. A couple of months ago, she was out for the evening and we listened to Mozart while I stuffed myself with Mozartkugeln. Wolfie was not bored at all, in fact although I have no idea if he truly enjoyed the music, he seemed fascinated by the chocolates. I thought it was because he had a sweet tooth and already knew the chocolates were sweet... But a friend on Facebook observed that it was most likely the crinkly shiny wrappers. Still, he associates Mozart with fun and shining stuff. He is still a bit young for Mozartkugeln, but I will make him try some one day soon. And until then, dear readers, I share here the Symphony No. 41 in C Major of Wolfgang (not Wolfie), also known as Jupiter.

Réjean Ducharme

Triste nouvelle: Réjean Ducharme est mort avant-hier. Pour beaucoup de Québécois de ma génération et des autres, Ducharme c'était le gars qu'on nous fait lire de force au cégep. Mais je crois que c'était peut-être le plus grand écrivain québécois, de toutes les générations. Je sais que pour beaucoup de mes amis, c'était le cas, et sa mort leur a causé une tristesse immense. 76 ans, c'est pas à bout d'âge et c'est encore jeune. Je dois confesser que je n'ai lu qu'un seul de ses romans, L'avalée des avalés, et une seule pièce, sur laquelle j'espère bloguer bientôt, parce que j'ai un peu joué dedans. Mais j'admire l'artiste monumental qu'il a été: romancier, dramaturge, poète. Et j'ai quand même ma propre expérience de son oeuvre, qui m'a marquée à sa façon. Et je sais que j'ai du rattrapage à faire.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

"GO away I'm reading"

I bought this mug in a souvenirs shop in Cardiff. Gotta love Welsh humor. It is not a very big mug, but this is so "me" that it is my new favourite mug. I have not used it that much yet. I need to have a book to truly make the best of it. I then just have to sit down, read and drink and enjoy my free time (which I don't have that much of). But having some reading time every day is sacred for me, so this mug expresses perfectly my state of mind when I do have a book in my hands.

Question existentielle (311)

Vous allez trouver que je m'y prends d'avance, mais je suis vraiment curieux de savoir ce que vous en pensez:

-Les uniformes scolaires, pour ou contre?

Monday, 21 August 2017


We cannot see the solar eclipse from here, not much of it anyway, but I thought I needed to mark it on the blog somehow... And then decided that this song from Pink Floyd was perfect for the circumstances.

Parler avec les yeux

J'ai appris une chose de mon père ce soir, qui lui l'a appris d'un documentaire qu'il a vu récemment. Il semblerait que les bébés apprennent à parler en regardant la bouche de leurs parents et des adultes bouger. C'est comme ça qu'ils voient comment former des mots et comment fonctionnent les muscles de la bouche. Ils lisent littéralement sur les lèvres. Fascinant. Et bon à savoir.

The cool breeze...

This is the one sign that tells me autumn will come early this year. It might be wishful thinking, mind you. Nevertheless, there has been a steady cool wind, often little more than a breeze, for the last few days. enough to give a pleasant, unexpected chill in the mornings and evenings. And it smells of autumn to come, if that makes sense. So if it carries on like this (touch wood), I think we are in for a proper autumnal autumn.

Le gâteau aux bleuets

Nouveau billet de food porn dans la catégorie quoi faire avec des bleuets. J'ai déjà blogué sur ce morceau de gâteau il y a deux ans. C'était un gâteau blanc avec de la confiture de bleuets mélangée au glaçage entre les étages. C'était d'une pâtisserie haut de gamme, bon mais un peu cher quand même. Comme c'est encore le temps des bleuets, le fruit de ma région je le partage ici afin de donner des idées à mes lecteurs.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

The birthday of cosmic horror

I try as much as I can to blog it every year, glad I did not forget this year: today is the birthday of H.P. Lovecraft. It is an important date for everyone into horror, as Lovecraft was one of the fathers of modern horror and created a sub-genre of its own: the cosmic horror. I now read mainly far older and old(er) fashioned stuff than his kind of work, nevertheless I have a fondness for his work and always make sure I revisit it to a degree in the weeks before Halloween. During the officious (i.e. now) and official countdown to Halloween, one must read and celebrate this true master. If I could, I'd play a game of Call of Cthulhu. I used to be Dungon Master, errr... I mean Arcane Guardian or whatever it was called that was basically a DM and I was quite good at it. But the best way to celebrate is of course to read Lovecraft. He has had many followers, but none managed to equal or even truly emulate him.

Le retour du chevreuil fantôme

Mon père m'a envoyé de nouvelles photos de la caméra de infrarouge sur le lot de mes oncles. On y voit un chevreuil fantômatique, comme je l'avais montré l'année dernière. Aussi mauvaise que soit la photo, l'image est saisissante. Cela dit, j'aimerais pouvoir voir à quoi il ressemble en vrai, car son panache est vraiment magnifique.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Harvest Collection of David's Tea

It feels more and more like autumn is coming here, for many reasons which I might list in another post. Apparently, I am not the only one in an autumnal mood: David's Tea has now released its new Harvest Collection. I don't know how different it will be from its autumn (called Fall) collection, or if it is the autumn collection under another name, but it is nice all the same. I think neither the brews nor the mug's designs are the greatest they came up with, nevertheless there are certainly some teas I would be curious to drink and still there are some really nice looking designs which I would love to add to my collection. In any case, it is something else that puts me in an autumnal mood.

Dégustation de bières

Non, non, je ne suis pas allé récemment à une dégustation de bières. J'ai pris cette photo à un pub de York dont je ne me souviens même plus du nom. Il va sans dire que je ne me rappelle plus du nom des trois bières non plus, ce qui est dommage. Dans mon souvenir, elles avaient des robes de couleur différente. Tout ça pour dire que je pense que c'est comme ça que je préfère boire de la bière. Pas une seule pinte de quelque chose, mais trois demi, en même temps, afin de pouvoir comparer les saveurs et décider de celle que je préfère. Par la suite, je n'ai qu'à choisir mon poison.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

I took this picture in Cardiff Castle. To make a long story short, in one of the rooms of the castle that was used as a playroom for his children, the former owner had decided to decorate the walls with characters from fairy tales and classic literature. Including Little Red Riding Hood. Of course, the Big Bad Wolf had to be there as well. This image fascinates me, because she seems in very good terms with the wolf: she is literally riding him! He does not seem too happy about it, mind you, but that she is so comfortable with him set a new ambiguous light on the tale. I just love it, although I am not sure why.

"Colle d'école"

Le calembour atroce du titre n'est pas de moi. C'était vraiment ce qu'il y avait d'écrit sur l'étiquette des bouteilles et des bâtons de colle quand j'étais enfant. C'est peut-être encore le cas. Plus qu'un calembour atroce, c'est un calembour involontaire, ce qui est encore pire. La colle d'école, c'est ce qu'on devait acheter ces temps-ci d'août, alors que les vacances achevaient. Je détestais ces moments, comme je l'ai souvent raconté sur Vraie Fiction. Mais de lire "colle d'école" sur le bâton de colle, ça me mettait vraiment en rogne, je ne sais pas pourquoi. Ça me met encore en rogne d'ailleurs rien que d'y penser. J'imagine que c'est cette idée d'une colle qui décolle, qui ne fait pas ce qu'elle doit faire, alors qu'on voudrait au moins que ça fonctionne. Et puis je n'avais pas envie de décoller des vacances. C'est vraiment un jeu de mots stupide et baveux.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

A librarian

Well, I should say "a librarian assistant". Today I received an automated mailer from one of the many job sites I registered to when my previous job was at risk of redundancy. One of the jobs features as the one of librarian assistant. We don't know if it is for the local library, or the local bookshop which celebrates its first year this week, or something else entirely. But it pays £24 an hour. I wish I had seen such advert about ten years ago, when I was struggling, mostly unemployed and when not stuck in dead end demeaning jobs at a low wage.Working in a bookshop or a library would have been pretty much ideal then, whatever the salary.

L'ours sur le mur

Sur le mur qui longe Bute Park à Cardiff, il y a des sculptures d'animaux. elles sont pas mal toutes impressionnantes, on dirait que les animaux sont vivants. Parmi elles, il y a cet ours. Avec le loup, c'est pas mal mon préféré et je voulais le partager ici.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Second Cup in... Cardiff

Yes, you've read this title well. There is a Second Cup in Cardiff. That was the most unexpected discovery we've made during our time in the city. We had just gone out of the hotel, we were walking around, and there it was. Apparently, Second Cup is trying to expand in the UK. They even have their own website. To be honest, I am a skeptical. In a highly competitive market, what does Second Cup have that stands out? Here they have a maple leaf to be more exotic, but it's hardly enough. All the same, the staff was friendly and my wife likes Second Cup quite a lot since her first time in Montreal.

Brunante (le mot du jour)

J'ai remarqué ce soir qu'il faisait nuit à neuf heures déjà. Le soir à dû tomber vers huit heures et demie (20:23 selon ma recherche sur Google). J'en suis heureux, aimant quand le soir tombe vite. Ce qui m'amène au mot du jour: brunante. Un québécisme qui veut dire au crépuscule, donc entre chien et loup (autre québécisme, que j'utilise assez souvent).

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Children in the library

I will tell you an anecdote that unfortunately did not happen to me. What is even more unfortunate is that I did not even witness it. It happened to my wife and little Wolfie when they went to the local library. I seldom go there nowadays, back when we lived closer to it I tried to go as often as I could. But anyway my wife and our son went today and my wife decided to read a bit of story to Wolfie in the children section. He sat on her knees and as she was reading aloud to him, a few young children stopped by, sat down and listened to her. A little girl even told her the story was really nice. Apparently, some mothers did not seem too keen so see their kids get into such distraction. We suspect it is because they don't really share like this with their children the experience of reading, they don't make it a family activity. No wonder so few people read these days, if they are raised like this. Moral of the story: I wish I had been there. Especially since Wolfie is always an avid reader.

Nostalgie volcanique

Petit billet aléatoire ce soir, j'ai pensé bloguer sur les volcans. Pas ma spécialité, mais sujet néanmoins fascinant. Il y avait une section du National Museum de Cardiff qui portait sur les volcans et leurs manifestations. Ça m'a replongé dans des souvenirs d'enfance. Enfant, c'est mon frère PJ qui en avait fait son sujet de prédilection, pour les exposés oraux en classe entre autres, mais ça a quand même alimenté notre imagination et nos jeux. Le volcan, c'est le lieu de tous les dangers et des manifestations épiques de colère de la Nature. C'est aussi souvent situé dans un lieu exotique. Je sais qu'il est la source de bien des tragédies, mais je ne peux m'empêcher de me rappeler que le volcan a été pour nous une source d'inspiration.

Monday, 14 August 2017

The new Mondays

I have been at my new job for a month and a half now and something struck me this morning: I don't go to work on Monday with a feeling of impending doom anymore. Not that it always happened in my old job, but I was often having an unpleasant feeling. Now, Monday remains Monday and I cannot say I look forward to them, neither can I say that I'm not glad when it is time to go home. But I don't feel as bad as I used to. I actually feel... ok. Which rarely happened on Mondays in any of my previous jobs, or even when I had no job. I might think differently in a few months, when I will be used to it, but it's a welcome change.

Question existentielle (310)

Ce serait vraiment bien si quelqu'un pouvait y répondre:

-Y a-t-il un moyen simple et facile de réagencer les bas après une ou plusieurs brassées de lavage?

Lire: je finis toujours par les perdre.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Of guests and B&Bs

This door was the one leading our residence in Totnes, Devon, during our stay there. It was not a bed and breakfast, but it sort of illustrates my post, so I added it. We have not been in B&Bs since we moved in the town we live, and it was a hard enough time that it put us off B&Bs for a while. You can read more about it here and here. So I am not fond of B&Bs, yet recently for the first time in years we recommended to my parents and my brother PJ that they go for a bed and breakfast when they visit their grandson and nephew. Because the hotel my parents usually go to has new owners and is supposed to have taken a turn for the worse. And because there is a B&B near the town center that is supposed to be great. The ones we had gone to back then were more of the cheap kind and service was minimal. This would be the proper thing, for proper guests. I hope so anyway.

Est-ce encore le temps pour une paella?

Ce billet est classé food porn, je vous avertis d'entrée de jeu. Enfin bref, l'été semble achever, même si on a eu deux ou trois jours plus cbauds récemment. Je ne m'en plaindrai pas. Mais je me demande si on peut encore manger estival, faire des barbecues jusqu'à tard le soir, etc. Ou alors on ne devrait pas mieux commencer à en faire son deuil, comme le temps semble vouloir nous le faire comprendre. J'avoue que je ne suis plus très porté sur l'été, cela dit je ferais bien un dernier grand repas estival bien décadent avec de la paella comme celle-ci, qui a été cuisinée par mon père il y a quelques semaines. Hélas, je suis autant amateur de repas décadent pleins de moules et de fruits de mer que je suis mauvais cuisiner. Je n'ai ni l'équipement, ni le talent, ni encore moins la patience, pour faire un plat pareil. En plus, il faudrait que je mange ça seul avec mon fils, ma femme étant végétarienne. Peut-être que c'est un peu pour ça que je ne peux célébrer l'été entièrement et que je n'arrive pas à être triste qu'il se termine: je ne sais pas tenir un barbecue, ou encore moins faire une paella.

Books to read

Here is another funny drawing that I found on my Facebook feeds and which describes me in a nutshell. I thought it was so funny that I had to share it on Vraie Fiction. I do buy far more than I have time to read. But I just can't help it.

À l'affût des champignons

Photo prise dans le Devon à Dartington, elle illustre mon propos. J'ai un certain nombre de sujets qui parfois me fascinent, dont les champignons. Surtout les ronds de sorcières, dont j'ai déjà parlé à de nombreuses reprises, ici par exemple. Les champignons, je les associe au surnaturel, aux sorcières notamment. Or, récemment, j'en ai vu plusieurs dans le coin, et plus j'en vois plus je suis comme conscient de leur présence. Alors je suis à l'affût des champignons. C'est une activité comme une autre.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Time for a Veneziana pizza

My wife had a great idea about tonight: we should go to Pizza Express for dinner. She has some vouchers that we need to redeem there and tonight is as great a time as any. As I am a man of habit, I will order a Veneziana pizza. Not only because it is delicious, with everything I love in a pizza: capers, olives, onions and some other stuff that makes this one so unique, but also because 25p is given to the Venice In Peril fund every time I have one. Or you, or anyone. So yes, I am plugging it shamelessly in this blog. I did plug it before in 2013, but it is good to remind people about this, because the city is indeed in peril and I would like to visit it before it drowns. But charity notwithstanding we have not been to Pizza Express in a long while and I am in the mood for a Veneziana.

Notre grenier

L'un des avantages à posséder sa propre maison, c'est qu'on a un grenier. Ce qui est triste avec les greniers, c'est qu'ils servent pour la plupart du temps de débarras, quand ils servent à quelque chose. Je le dis aujourd'hui parce que je suis en train de faire du rangement et que je fais donc plusieurs aller-retour dans le grenier, afin d'y mettre les choses dont on n'a pas besoin pour le moment, pour la plupart des choses dont mon fils ne se sert déjà plus. Mais je range aussi pour ranger: on a emménagé ici il y a plus d'un an et on doit encore sinon défaire des boîtes, du moins mettre de l'ordre dans la maison. Partout, sauf au grenier. Il y a des moments où j'aimerais avoir une maison plus grande avec suffisamment de la au grenier et une plus grande facilité d'accès pour en faire une pièce à part entière, disons une chambre ou un bureau.

Friday, 11 August 2017

A job opportunity in Manchester

No, no, not for me. I don't need a job and sadly I never had a job opportunity in Manchester. So anyway, the Anthony Burgess Foundation needs a café/bar worker. Well I say is looking, but the application process ended about two weeks ago. I have been to the café and it is a lovely place for a drink and a read, it must be a lovely place to work when you are in that kind of business. And the future staff will be working on a daily basis in the spiritual home of a great writer, attending special events in the honour of his work, participating to them. If I had been unemployed and desperate of an income and living in Manchester, I would have applied, just for being there.

Des parcs et des promenades

Photo prise à York, je ne sais plus où. La ville a bien des parcs et des remparts pour aller avec et s'y promener était un vrai plaisir. Ce chemin avec ses fougères et ses vieilles souches était même exotique. Toujours est-il que je ça commence à faire un bail qu'on n'a pas fait de vraie promenade dans un parc en famille. Par là je veux dire un trajet de plus de cinq minutes dans de la verdure. Je ne sais pas si je vais pouvoir y remédier en fin de semaine, mais j'espère. Sinon, ça fait partie de mes plans dans un futur proche.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Looking at the ripening apples

I took this picture in Devon, I believe it was in Dartington. It was late August and I was already on the lookout for signs of autumn. One of the surest signs that the season is close is the ripeness of apples. When they are read like here, it means it is time for harvest. Granted, it starts slightly before autumn, but apples being the fruit that represent autumn the mosts, you can easily makes the association. Unfortunately, the apple trees I saw nearby all have green fruits still. But we are still early.

Comment se prononçait "Guillaume"

Ceci est un petit billet linguistique, phonétique et historique en même temps. Qui plus est, c'est un billet de médiéviste. Enfin bref, on me massacre souvent mon nom ici en Angleterre: on m'appelle "Gouillame" ou "Guillyame" ou un truc du genre. Mais je me suis rappelé récemment que sa prononciation moderne n'est rien que ça, sa prononciation moderne. Au moyen âge, où le nom a commencé à être en vogue, c'était beaucoup plus proche de la prononciation maintenant fautive. Écoutez cet extrait sur YouTube de La Chanson de Guillaume pour en avoir une idée. Remarquez que ce n'est sans doute pas exactement comme ça qu'ils le prononcaient, mais c'est quand même plus proche que sa prononciation moderne. Morale de ce billet: il y a des jours comme ça où je m'ennuie de mon passé d'universitaire.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Waterstones: "School Starts Here"

This was the title of a mailer I received today from Waterstones, advertising their education books. Well, this is a cruel and borderline sadistic statement if there is one. And isn't it a bit early? British children have their holidays starting very late, around the last week of July and now they already have advertisement and marketing telling them they will be back to school soon. I often mentioned on this blog that even now as an adult, I have the same feeling of dread in August. I look at the shop windows in a sort of morbid excitement, wondering which one will start it. Well, this time it was an email. The medium changed, but the feeling is the same.

Couverture historique

Il y a des choses qu'on découvre parfois. Comme il y a deux semaines, on présentait une exhibition d'objets de la Grande Guerre près du Monument aux morts de la petite ville anglaise où l'on vit. Nous n'y sommes pas restés longtemps, mais par curiosité j'avais voulu jeter un coup d'oeil. J'y ai alors vu la couverture carreautée que vous voyez sous le casque sur cette photo. Or, cette couverture ressemble à s'y méprendre à la couverture de mon enfance (voir la photo ici). Ça a eu sur moi un effet similaire à la madeleine de Proust. Bon, je n'ai jamais fait la guerre avec, mais ça demeure une couverture que j'aime beaucoup et que j'associe à pleins de bons souvenirs.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

In need of Twinings?

I took this picture in the place where we stayed in York for our holidays there. Ironically there was no Yorkshire Tea. But I guess we'd have plenty of it in the city, so might as well have something else at "home". Anyway, Twinings is a trustworthy brew, maybe not the fanciest but still enjoyable for something that comes in tea bags. So I thought that, given the tea situation at work and my increasing need of tea on a daily basis (I am up to three cuppa a day, sometimes four if I take one in the afternoon), I think that maybe I should stock myself with Twinings.

Question existentielle (309)

Ça fait un bout de temps que je ne me suis pas posé de questions existentielles, alors en voici une:

-Quoi porter quand il ne fait pas assez chaud pour qu'il fasse chaud, mais pas au point de dire qu'il fait froid?

Monday, 7 August 2017

Being known at the local bookshop

Yesterday, our little family paid a short visit at the local bookshop. I behaved myself and only bought two books, and with the £5 loyalty (aka big spender) voucher I had, it did not cost me much, all things considered. When it was time to put points on my name, I did not need to give it to the staff, they knew it already, first and second name, no problem at all. My wife thought it was a bit embarrassing. I think to be known as a literature lover and someone who invests in local businesses is something to be proud of. So I am happy they know my name.

Dire phoque ou otarie

Photo prise à Branféré, parce qu'elle illustre mon propos. Vous y voyez un phoque, enfin je crois. Enfin bref, vivant dans un pays anglophone et devant malgré tout apprendre la langue française, j'ai un léger souci avec mon fils: je dois bien lui faire comprendre quand je parle de phoques de quoi je parle. Et je dois aussi me garder de jurer, en anglais ou en français, ce qui complique encore plus les choses. Alors parfois je dois dire à mon fils que je voulais dire otarie pour illustrer mon désarroi. Je sais, c'est un calembour atroce.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

25 years of D&Dr

It struck me recently: at some point in August 25 years ago, in 1992, my brothers, some of my friends and myself started playing our Dungeons & Dragons campaign. When we play again, which is not very often now, it is the same campaign. Now it is only my brothers and I, but still,it shows hos solid the campaign and the universe we created has been from he beginning. Sure, we were teenagers and we were naive and our approach was often flawed, but we had ideas that allowed us to develop our characters and their world into something compelling.

I choose the cover of the issue 215 of Dragon magazine to illustrate my post. Not the best drawing, but it illustrates fairly well the setting and atmosphere of how we started. We were eight players when we started, including the DM. Nine characters going through a forest like this one to retrieve a lost priest spell in the ruins of an old temple. Our adversaries during the first session were orcs and goblins, like on this image. There were two thieves, one druid, one priest from the God of War, one warrior, one necromancer and one ranger (me), plus a Dwarf who joined us later. It was full of atmosphere and already we could see the potential. So yes, this August marks its anniversary.

Bleuets, crème, sucre d'érable...

Ce billet suggère une réponse à la question (si vous vous la posez): quoi faire avec des bleuets, à part des tartes? Petit dessert improvisé de mon père: bleuets, crème, sucre d'érable, sirop d'érable. C'est pas pire pantoute et on ne peut faire plus saguenéen et jeannois que ça. Bon, le sirop d'érable peut provenir d'ailleurs au Québec, on s'entend, mais les bleuets doivent absolument être du Lac.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Are the Ticklers getting older?

I am wondering about it and it saddens me if it is the case. We went to see them this afternoon for tea and they had their eyes scotched on the mobile phone of Blonde Tickler for most of our time there, watching stuff on YouTube and what have you. They showed little interest in Wolfie, whom they adore usually. They spoke to us, but overall very little. I am bit saddened and worried about what happened today. The Ticklers are ALWAYS fascinated by everything we do and talk about, especially when it involves Wolfie. When it is time to leave, they always ask for a group hug with Wolfie in the middle. Not this afternoon. And as they are both eleven and going to be twelve (Brunette Tickler in September, Blonde Tickler in February) and will start secondary school in about a month, I wonder if we will keep the same bond with them.

Regarder pousser le gazon

Bon, c'est inutile de le nier, je dois me rendre à l'évidence: il est plus que temps de passer la tondeuse dans la cour-arrière. Les herbes sont hautes. La dernière fois que je l'ai fait c'était il y a quelques semaines (lire: mois) et ma belle-mère m'a rendu un service en coupant le gazon lors de sa dernière visite il y a quelques semaines (là, c'était vraiment il y a quelques semaines). Alors donc, le gazon est trop long, parce que quand il fait un temps de chien ce n'est pas le temps de le tondre et lorsqu'il fait beau dehors je veux profiter du jardin comme il est, pas me faire suer à le tondre. Je regarde donc pousser le gazon.

Friday, 4 August 2017

The Head of Medusa

I took this picture at the National Museum in Cardiff. I love Greek mythology and the story of Perseus and his epic beheading of the Gorgon Medusa is among my favourite since I watched a certain movie when I was a child. Since then, depiction of the story and of its monster always fascinated me. So when I saw this bronze, I was mesmerized. My wife thought it was funny to see me so eagerly taking pictures of a naked man (although he's not really naked: he has a helmet and sandals), but it was the severed head of the woman that caught my attention. Well, if one could say such vile monster is still a woman. The statue was made by Frederick William Pomeroy. I know nothing about him, but will look for more works from him. According to what I read by the statue, the work was meant to represent the triumph of man over evil. I suspect there may have been a hint of Victorian misogyny in it. All the same, it's a beautiful depiction of the myth and even in death Medusa remains terrifying.

Le temps des bleuets

Photo envoyée par mon père récemment. Je sais que j'ai publié pleins de photos de bleuets récemment, mais Vraie Fiction prend les couleurs du temps et c'est le temps des bleuets, de ses récoltes et de ce qu'on en fait. Aors autant vous le dire tout de suite: ce blogue va être couvert de bleu. Tous les prétextes sont bons pour présenter la baie emblématique de ma région.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

It's coming...

I found this comic strip on Sarah's Scribbles Facebook page. This is so me it is almost scary. This is, in a nutshell, the story of the months of August of my life. I was mentioning it on this very blog no later than on the first of August, that I had started getting into a Halloween mood. And you don't have to believe me, but I had no idea Sarah Andersen had drawn this then. What can I say? Great spooky minds think alike. And now I feel far less alone. The officious countdown to Halloween has finally started. And no, it's not too early.

Un nouveau calembour atroce

J'y ai pensé toute la journée et je me sens obligé de le partager, même si ça me fait mal d'en commettre un pareil. Je me suis vraiment surpassé: "L'Émeu m'émeut." Je sais, je sais, ça frise l'insanité.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

No number 13

Here is a funny little detail I noticed recently about the business park where I work: there is no number 13. There are about twenty offices, but none of them is at number 13. I wonder who was suffering of triskaidekaphobia when they were allocating address numbers to the buildings. It's a small business park, and a fairly young one I'd say, it's as bland and anonymous as a business park can be, yet it has that peculiarity. Which may not be a peculiarity. For all I know it's something common to many business parks here and elsewhere.

Le grand Félix

C'est aujourd'hui l'anniversaire de naissance de Félix Leclerc, je me devais de le souligner, comme j'essaie de le faire à chaque année. Cette année, ce sera avec Moi, mes souliers. Que j'ai déjà partagé sur Vraie Fiction. Pour sa mort, je vais trouver autre chose, mais je trouve que cette chanson se prête parfaitement à célébrer la vie du grand Félix.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

"There comes an autumn sickle..."

And as the daylight's fading
When Lammas has come in
And gleamers go to work among the stubble
There comes an autumn sickle
To cut the summer's throat
Before the season knows it is in trouble

Martin Newell, Black Shuck

 We are Lammas Day, the first day of August. The first day of harvest, but more importantly for me the day when summer starts to end and when I truly start my countdown to autumn. Like every year since I read the poem, I make the above quote. This is my official countdown to autumn and my officious countdown to Halloween, when I will start reading scary stories and get into a spooky mood. The verse about the autumn sickle is most appropriate this year: it has been cool for a few days and summer does look like it is in trouble. It may give us a few more blasts, but I do hope that its throat is indeed cut.

Quoi faire avec des bleuets

Je fais encore ce soir l'apologie du fruit de ma région, parce que c'est le temps des bleuets, alors autant bleuir le blogue (je viens de faire une allitération). Le titre n'est pas tant une question qu'une suggestion. Quoi faire avec des bleuets? Pleins de choses, dont ceci: un carré aux bleuets. Ce que les anglais appelleraient un flapjack. Ce sont mes parents qui ont fait ça et m'ont envoyé la photo il y a deux ou trois ans. Je n'y ai encore jamais goûté, mais ça arrivera bien un jour.