Saturday, 5 August 2017

Are the Ticklers getting older?

I am wondering about it and it saddens me if it is the case. We went to see them this afternoon for tea and they had their eyes scotched on the mobile phone of Blonde Tickler for most of our time there, watching stuff on YouTube and what have you. They showed little interest in Wolfie, whom they adore usually. They spoke to us, but overall very little. I am bit saddened and worried about what happened today. The Ticklers are ALWAYS fascinated by everything we do and talk about, especially when it involves Wolfie. When it is time to leave, they always ask for a group hug with Wolfie in the middle. Not this afternoon. And as they are both eleven and going to be twelve (Brunette Tickler in September, Blonde Tickler in February) and will start secondary school in about a month, I wonder if we will keep the same bond with them.

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