Sunday, 6 August 2017

25 years of D&Dr

It struck me recently: at some point in August 25 years ago, in 1992, my brothers, some of my friends and myself started playing our Dungeons & Dragons campaign. When we play again, which is not very often now, it is the same campaign. Now it is only my brothers and I, but still,it shows hos solid the campaign and the universe we created has been from he beginning. Sure, we were teenagers and we were naive and our approach was often flawed, but we had ideas that allowed us to develop our characters and their world into something compelling.

I choose the cover of the issue 215 of Dragon magazine to illustrate my post. Not the best drawing, but it illustrates fairly well the setting and atmosphere of how we started. We were eight players when we started, including the DM. Nine characters going through a forest like this one to retrieve a lost priest spell in the ruins of an old temple. Our adversaries during the first session were orcs and goblins, like on this image. There were two thieves, one druid, one priest from the God of War, one warrior, one necromancer and one ranger (me), plus a Dwarf who joined us later. It was full of atmosphere and already we could see the potential. So yes, this August marks its anniversary.

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PJ said...

J'aime et je n'aime pas cette couverture de Dragon Magazine. Les orcs (supposant que ce sont des orcs) dans l'image n'ont pas l'air méchant, juste qu'ils reviennent d'une partie de chasse avec un cerf (ou une bête dans le genre). Les aventuriers qui leurs tendent une embuscade font pratiquement office de brigands, sauf pour leurs airs de figurants attendant la direction du metteur en scène.