Sunday 1 September 2013


Happy beginning of September everyone! If this picture looks like one you have seen before on this blog, it is because I have uploaded one very similar last year. It shows apples, crabapples, leaves and flowers from my parents' garden, with apple and crapabble jellies made by them. It is almost recycling a picture, but I wanted to welcome the new month with a relevant picture. For me, September represents the beginning of autumn, which is of course the season of harvest. This basket is a bit of a horn of plenty, so this picture fits this day perfectly. September is also the time where I am slowly getting prepared for Halloween. But I will blog about it more in future posts. Right now, enjoy and celebrate the first day of September.


Cynthia said...

September means back to work for me, just finished reading my 295 e-mails!

Guillaume said...