Friday 20 September 2013

Call for a scary story

This post has been in my head since I blogged about the defunct station hotel of the town. I have decided to invite my readership to a blogging challenge, especially the Halloween aficionados among my readers, if they have time.Because Halloween is getting closer and closer and because I want to be more creative as a blogger and encourage creativity.

So what you see on the left side picture is the pub by the railway station (which is itself little more than a platform). It used to be, year ago, the station hotel. It is the first place I have been to into town, a cold, rainy October day. I was reading M.R James. A fitting read for a fitting time. Weeks later, I had my first meal in this town there. I thought then, as I think now, that it was the perfect place for a scary story. involving ghosts, or whatever creatures you can think of. So try to write a ghost story with this as a setting. It can become the old station hotel again, or a pub as it is now. Set at any time you see fit. It can take the form of a short story, or a tale, or simply write whatever haunting story seems fit. Or simply a few note, a rough treatment of a story that could be written inspired by the place. You can of course use the picture here and upload it on your own blog. I will try to write a post or more about it myself.


suzanne said...

Hmmmm . . . interesting idea! I'll try to find time for this :)

Guillaume said...

Looking forward to it.