Tuesday 24 September 2013

Eerie fog

Recently, the temperature has been much milder and I have been disappointed that the autumnal temperature that was there earlier has turned into something akin to a warm end of summer. Fine for an end of summer, but I wanted autumnal temperatures. Then this morning, as I walked out to go to work, I had a pleasant surprise: a thick fog all around me. Temperature went down a few notches, so it looked and felt very autumnal and of course beautifully eerie. And the train was a bit slow on its way, therefore I had some extra time to read the horror stories of E. Nesbit I have been reading recently, as I am already on Halloween mode. Reading scary stories in a train journey, surrounded by eerie fog is always a very pleasurable experience. By the way, this picture is not from this morning, but from last year. It does not give justice to the thick fog that was here today.


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I love fog at any time of year, but especially as temperatures begin to drop in fall. Lovely image.