Wednesday 11 September 2013

Chile: the other 9/11

Today is 11 of September, which means of course the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks I will blog later about it). But it is also another tragic anniversary: the one of the coup d'état in Chile by Augusto Pinochet. I hate all tyrants, but I have a special disgust for Pinochet, because I think this filthy scumbag got away with murder. Literally. At least, small consolation, he lost power following a humiliating defeat in a plebiscite. I watched a few weeks ago No, a fictionalization of the publicity campaign that turned the tides. Since I have seen the movie, I have been been fascinated by the main advert and the song in it. It is barely more than a jingle, but there you go. I have decided to upload it here on Vraie Fiction, to remind us that we do get justice... Sometimes.

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