Monday 23 September 2013

Surviving Monday

Some Mondays are like this: you get up in the morning after a bad night of sleep, you have a pile of work to get through and at the end of the day you are still behind. Your body aches everywhere, you are tired, you are slow you are hungry but not hungry and you know if you start feeling sick it is merely hypochondria. Nothing goes really bad, but you feel so grey and gloomy. Sometimes I wonder if human beings are meant for a nine to five job. Especially on a Monday. Anyway, I survived this Monday, however I think I need to find a way to survive the next one, or the one after the next one, in case it is like this one again. Any suggestions? Preferably nothing that requires speedball. I will make a list in the upcoming days or weeks and eventually write another post on the matter.


Mantan Calaveras said...

Humans are definitely not meant for 9-5 desk jobs.

According to some anthropologists, "primitive" hunter/gatherers worked between 4 and 6 hours a day, with the rest of their time spent sitting around looking after the kids and nodding off.

And peasants during the "dark ages" only had to work 50-60 days a year to pay what they owed to their lord!

As to handling those logey days, prevention is the best medicine I find. One thing is taking appropriate breaks. At least 10 minutes of break for every 50 minutes of work, and how you manage your break time is if anything more important toward productivity than actual working time. Diet is also important, when I feel narsty I make sure to get some good quality kombucha in me. But that is all yoga stuf, vedic mind+body connection, and you'll get better at managing it as you learn to pay attention to what you do, and how you feel in response.

You should consult Mrs. Thompson! I'm sure she could help:

Guillaume said...

Thanks for the advices. I do think I need to take more breaks. We are encouraged to do so, but in a busy day one is always tempted to postpone them.