Saturday 21 September 2013

An Italian encounter

I was shopping in Marks & Spencer yesterday evening, when someone tapped me on the ribs. To my surprise, it was the Italian guy who used to work in the sandwich shop where I go every Friday for my sandwich treat. He is the one who made that delicious pollo alla milanese sandwich. Well, unfortunately he will not make this delicious sandwich anymore, as he quit the job there. He now works, in M&S. We chatted a bit, in a mix of Italian and English, he basically told me he was not happy at the other place and it was not really a place where his career could progress (and Marks & Spencer is?), so he works now in the small M&S shop nearby. He knows the town very well, having been working in various restaurants here. He seems to know the whole Italian community, in fact. Good to know. So now I have an acquaintance at the local M&S. Small world.

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