Monday 2 September 2013

Labor Day

It struck me today: it is Labor Day in America. Which does not exist here. We had a bank holiday last week, but at the end of August it is not quite the same. I am not even sure I experienced Labor Day as a working man. As a child, yes, the very first holiday we had in the school year, often right after the first day of school had started. This is how I remembered it the most, a day that allowed us to relax a bit before the real start of the year and forget about all our fears. But I think it is truly a holiday to appreciate as a working man (or woman). And I don't think that, back in Québec, I had a job early enough in September to live Labor Day as a working man. I love the idea of a day celebrating the essential contribution of working people in the wealth of a nation. And it just makes sense to have it in September, the start of the working year in many ways. But hey, this Monday was for just a Monday just like every Monday. I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

In England, is labour day celebrated on May 1st instead?

PJ said...

Le dernier jour officiel de "vacances" pour moi. Passé à travailler, bien sûr. À l'université, le travail n'arrête jamais.

Mantan Calaveras said...

Alas I, like the majority of the working poor people in America, am working on labor day.

It seems only the suited, tied, and be-cubicle-ed middle-class get labor day off.

suzanne said...

I remember childhood Labour Days as a bittersweet time, since school started the next day. Now, since most businesses are closed, it has become a day to labour around the house, doing projects that weren't completed during the summer.

Guillaume said...

@Debra-Yes it is, but it does not feel the same at all.
@PJ-Ici ils commencet l'université début octobre ou fin septembre. Beaucoup trop tard à mon avis.
@Mantan-Well, here I work on the first Monday of September.
@Halloween Spirit-Early September was always bittersweet when I was a child. I look forward to the month now that I don't start school.