Wednesday 4 September 2013

Tea and survival

Yesterday, there was no more Twinings' Earl Grey, which is what I have usually have with my breakfast. I survive starvation and exhaustion at work with a beaver's diet, but I also need tea for survival. I have one cup in the morning, and it is usually enough to keep me alert for the day, especially if I struggled to sleep the night before. There's free tea at work, a choice of either Earl Grey from Twinings or some banal Tetley or PG Tips tea, which tastes like rough mud. It wakes up all right, but it is much less enjoyable. I prefer Twinings in any case and since their Earl Grey is fancier, I just have it. But there was no Earl Grey, so I had to go to the other kind, whatever it was. In my state, a bit asleep light headed with hunger and in need of caffeine, I threw two bags in the mug. My colleague in charge of supplies laughed about it, I apologize saying I was definitely in need of tea to wake me up if I couldn't count to two. She said: "Oh but have more, it's not rationed." Thankfully it is not. I wonder how I could survive a war if tea and sugar were rationed. I certainly wouldn't be able to go to the front! Anyway, I thought what she said was a great unknown line.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Personally, Twinings Earl Grey is not my favourite -- their bergamot is too perfumey smelling and tasting for me. I'm afraid that I swear by the banal Tetley's Earl Grey -- just the right amount of delicious bergamot for me! I agree with you though that PJ Tips is crap.

Guillaume said...

I didn't drink anything from Tetley than their regular tea, unless I am mistaking it for some other brand. In general I prefer Twinings to any other regular brand, but I love trying all sorts of tea.