Saturday 7 September 2013

The Station Hotel (a setting)

I have blogged a few days ago about the railway model in the local DIY store, which is like a local museum display of local history. I love it. On this picture, you can see the station hotel. The building still exists, but no more as a station hotel: it is now a pub, the pub by the train station. Which means that it gets very popular every evenings and on Friday nights in particular. You can see a picture of one of its entrances here. Its walls are covered with creeping plants and it is a beautiful pub, not my favourite anymore, but it has character. When I first walked in that pub, it was to wait for a job interview in a business that was based here. It was my first memory of the town. I waited for the interview and for the train to the journey back in the pub, reading, incidentally, horror stories of M.R. James. It was in early October.  Because of this, I associate this place with Halloween and horror stories. The fact that it once was a small hotel somewhat strengthens this association. I often muse about writing a horror story set there. I know this is just a miniature, and it does not have all the details of the real thing, but isn't it an inspiring setting for such story? On a cold autumn evening, it is just so wonderfully eerie.

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PJ said...

Tu regarderas un de ces quatres le film indépendant The Station Agent, avec Peter Dinklage. Ton billet me rappelle un peu ça.