Tuesday 9 June 2015

Penultimate Springwatch tonight

I don't know if it will feature otters, but it is the penultimate Springwatch episode of 2015 tonight in a few minutes on BBC2. I did not follow it as much this year, what with life taking a lot of my time and keeping me away from the TV screen. I hope I can find time to catch up on BBC iPlayer. Anyway, to my British readers: watch it. Get the reminder on now. Turn the TV on. And enjoy British wildlife. So anyway, to illustrate this post, I decided to use this picture from the otter sanctuary in Buckfastleigh. From last year's holidays in Devon. The otter was eating a rats burger. This is one thing I love about otters: they are also predators and they eat the rodents I hate. Think of me if otters are featured tonight.

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Anonymous said...

sounds very interesting!!!