Friday 19 June 2015

"Apologies for the conveniences"

The train for work was late today, of a good thirty minutes. When the conductor signaled that we were running late, he had a slip of the tongue and said: "Apologies for the conveniences". He corrected himself immediately, but I thought it was funny. Funny enough to be considered a new great unknown line, albeit an involuntary one. And for me, it ended up a convenience: I read more than usual and as it is quiet at work at the moment, I didn't have to make up for the lost time. In fact, it considerably shortened my working day. More so than it was already supposed to be: as I have been working a lot and holding the fort while many people were away on conferences, my manager had already given me the second half of the day off. So I must have worked three hours or so today. That's my kind of Friday and, I don't want to rub it in for anyone still working now, but what a way to start the weekend! Apologies for the conveniences indeed.

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