Tuesday 2 June 2015


This is another painting that my wife and I saw at a local art exhibit. I apologize for the poor shot. The painting is called Fungi and it was done y a certain Jo Tilbury. I could not find any Like for Squeaky Wiper, this painting had a strong effect on me. This is a more autumnal picture, so you may find it out of time, but these days it does not feel like summer is on its way. And autumn is my favourite season, so it is nice to look at something reminiscent of it from time to time. I find that autumn is a subject of choice in art exhibits in general, whatever the time of year.

So anyway, I loved this painting. There is something vaguely eerie about it, otherworldly even. Mushrooms are associated in folklore with the supernatural and witchcraft. One could picture gnomes hiding in them, some faery creature walking through them, or (of course) witches picking them up for some potions or poison. I know, I have a wild imagination. Still, I wish I had a wall to put this picture on. It would be a good excuse as any to buy it.

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The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Hey Hey...well I'm only posting sporadically right now when I have the chance, but I am trying to get back in the swing of things. And I totally agree...mushrooms have a very autumnal tone about them. I actually photograph different mushrooms/fungi every time I come upon then when walking in the woods. I think I will find a few of the images and make them a post in the near future, thanks for the idea! I find the multitude of size, shapes and colors quite fascinating...and I am always quite certain there are always faerie folk and gnomes hiding nearby! Speaking of Autumn, this year has gone by really fast and it won't be long now before Fall is here again. I actually have seen a few Fall items in the local craft store already in May...I couldn't believe it was out so early. I don't complain though...I love it! :o)