Tuesday 16 June 2015

Dreaming of train journeys

I took this picture during last year's holiday in Devon, it was on the steamed train journey from Totnes to Buckfastleigh and back. I am watching and rewatching these pictures from my last holiday, because I already long for my future holidays in York. And also because one of the things I love about these kind of holidays is the long train journeys. I kid you not. I just love travelling by train. And I learned that there is a National Railway Museum in York, so I know of at least one thing to visit. These holidays, like last year's, might be train themed.

It might be because I am looking forward to experience the exciting long train journeys leading to a new destination (to me at least) that I have recently borrowed from the local library a brochure dating back from 1973, about the history of the local train line. It used to cost twenty pences, as it says on the bottom of the front page. But it is a most precious things. The information may be given in a dry manner, but looking at these old black and white pictures of train stations I know so well, see them in a different light, see also how the train line has not sadly dwindled here is fascinating. It is another kind of journey, through time, that I also long for.

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Nellie said...

I love train travel, too! It is easy to see that you are excited about your upcoming holiday in York!