Tuesday 23 June 2015

Art crowds and the outsider

I don't know if I missed something very special or narrowly escaped it, but I need to quickly blog about it: the local art gallery I blogged about recently is not only showing Fabian Perez's work, it is actually hosting an exhibition of his work right now. And the artist will be/is here as I am typing this. I stopped by on the way from home, looking very much like a the outsider I was. People mostly wore suits and there I was, in jeans and with my backpack I always bring with me. Even though I looked out of place, one of the employees there offered me a drink (I refused, I don't like alcohol during week days) and asked me questions: which painting was my favourite, did I owe any of Fabian Perez's work already (and she asked this with a straight face), where did I first discovered him, etc. The artist was running late, she said, but he would be there soon. I left before, afraid she might trick me into buying one (or that very fancy book on the left). Anyway, it is still going on, not sure if I will stop by or not. I felt like a piece of juicy meat, but on the other hand I do want to see Fabian Perez.


Anonymous said...

lol, that was quite an experience but I hope you did enjoy the artist work, I hate to feel pressured into buying and I think at some of these functions they can be a bit pushy,, as an artist I know for me I just enjoy people reactions of my work first, being paid for my work is a bonus, lol,

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Go for it! The pretentious overdressed people are only there at the opening reception so don't worry about running into that crowd again.