Saturday 20 June 2015

Making Tea

This painting is from local artist Eunice Goodman. It is titled Making Tea. I saw it at an art exhibition a couple of weeks ago, with other works from local and not local artists. I really love these exhibitions, partially because some of what is sold I can actually afford. I even bought some stuff from it once or twice (see here). So about this painting from Eunice Goodman. I fell in love with it for may reasons. You have tea and cakes, so you know it is going to be afternoon cream tea, an English tradition I love. You the little girl holding a cupcake, you have a black cat at the side of the kitchen counter, sitting there. He's not doing anything, but he is there, in this place and that makes it even more enjoyable. In sum, it is an idyllic picture of tea time. Or the time before tea time, to be accurate. We had to vote for our favorite work in the exhibit. There were a few I loved, but in the end I voted for this one.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

It is indeed charming.