Tuesday 2 June 2015

Fruits for Tuesday

The fruit baskets were back at work today. I mentioned them here and here. I think I understood the schedule now: basically the first Tuesday of every month. It brightened my day, as it always does. They had the usual bananas (not ripe enough), apples, satsumas (I think they were satsumas) and I did not see any pears. I think they were all gone by the time I went to the kitchen. I did not have them for breakfast this time, as I was too busy at my desk, instead I took a banana in lieu of dessert after my lunch. Gosh I cannot believe how healthy I am these days! Or try to be anyway. But I discovered that I enjoy fresh fruits, especially when they are free.

A few trivial observations about the fruit baskets:

-"Always remember to give the fruit a quick wash before eating it." Well, I do.
-The picture of the fruit basket is a still life.
-The fruit basket is also a sort of horn of plenty.
-Fruits are surprisingly popular among my colleagues. The baskets are empty at the end of the day.

Well, that's it really. I will try to say something new in a month's time.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

i just saw the comment on my post and wanted to tell you that i have been to Ile d'Orléans and love it! i took a carriage ride to an old tavern? they still cooked over open fires and had no electricity. do you know that place? somehow i remember passing a church on the way there that was like lourde's in that people went to it for miracles? this was a long time ago!