Sunday 28 June 2015

A journey in the rain

I am using again this painting from (local?) artist Janet Fois, because it illustrates the topic of this post so perfectly. Today, my wife and I went to see her family for a pub meal, an hour away from home. (I will tell you more about it in a future post). Just as we left, it started raining a lot. it didn't last long, but for a few minutes it was pouring and the wipers were squeaking plenty. It was not nighttime as in Squeaky Wiper, but it made me think of this image anyway. I often say that you never experienced rain until you have seen and felt English rain. This was true today.

Journeys in the rain can be quite stressful, especially on unfamiliar roads, but thankfully the rain did not last long. In spite of it, I find traveling in the rain very atmospheric, especially here. Lousy weather might be easier to endure while in motion than staying at home, when you can easily feel trapped. And it makes you appreciate more arriving at your destination.

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PJ said...

J'ai conduit à la pluie aujourd'hui aussi, mais ce n'était pas à siaux.