Friday 26 June 2015

The lime in the Corona

I took this picture yesterday in a local pub when my wife was giving a concert yesterday. For the record, I rarely, if ever, drink Corona, or indeed any insipid lager beer. I mean when you need a bloody lime for the beer to taste something, you know you are not drinking a beer worthy of the name. But yesterday, I was in the mood for it. Corona reminds me of my early twenties as a uni student, especially in the UK, as I was drinking it quite a lot in these cheap pubs and clubs that often did not have proper beers. It is true that by the time I was drinking Corona, I was already drunk so the taste did not bothered me one bit. And it was usually quite cheap. Or at least as cheap as alcohol could be. It became one of our drinking traditions in our little group, mainly composed of Italians, and I was the one to teach them to push the lime to the bottom by turning the bottle upside down. One of my Italian friends had her thumb so thin, she could not cover the hole, so I had to help. Since then, every time I have a Corona and look at the slice of green lime, it reminds me of that time.

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