Thursday 18 June 2015

Art and the artist

A few weeks ago, I was so happy to discover this picture at the window of a new(ish) local art gallery, when I was walking home. My readers may recognize the work of Fabian Perez. It is one of its Eugenia, IX if I remember correctly. Another femme fatale, like he does them so well, with the glass of wine and the cigarette. I don't find smoking glamorous in the least, except when Perez paints his characters smoking. You can see my reflection in the window. People looking at me taking the picture must have thought I was obsessed. I am, in a way.

And I might have again missed an opportunity to meet the maestro in person: the art gallery where I first discovered Fabian Perez in 2012 sent me an invitation for an exhibition of his when he will be there. It was a local art gallery, now they moved in a nearby, bigger town. Thinking it was in this nearby town, I wanted to RSVP... But discovered talking to them that it was in another branch, further away. And I am not sure if we could make it that evening. I do want to meet and talk to him. I saw Perez once, but the place was so crowded I could not get to him and say a word. I guess they would have tried to make me buy a painting and I cannot afford them anyway. Heck, I may not have been to speak to him unless I buy something! Still. I'd like to have a chance to say a word.

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