Thursday 11 June 2015

New Spectre teaser

This acrylic painting was done by (local?) artist Teresa Illman. It is titled James Bond/Daniel Craig and it is of course inspired from a scene of Skyfall. I wonder if Ms Illman is into the movie, the character or the actor. But in any case, fan art doesn't get any better than this and looking at the picture I felt a connection with the artist as a fellow Bond fan. A Bond fan that is getting very excited as Spectre is getting filmed and its release date is getting closer and closer. And we are getting more news about the upcoming movie. Recently it was a first glimpse at Christoph Waltz as the (most likely) villain of the piece, today we have the new TV spot teaser. You can see it below. There is a lot from the original teaser, which I loved, but also a good deal of new footage.

I have a few observations about it:

-Obviously, this one is far more action orientated. The set pieces are impressive and everything looks very exciting.
 - Hinx seems to be one nasty piece of work: at what appears to be a SPECTRE meeting, he dispatches someone by twisting his neck like a chicken.
-Bond is depicted more like a seducer, as you first see him getting closer to the character of Léa Seydoux, then Monica Bellucci's.
-There is a beautiful feeling of danger coming from that scene between Bond and Lucia Sciarra: she is warning him about imminent danger... which does not stop him from coming at her.
-The classic line: "Bond, James Bond" delivered by Craig here is the best in a long time.

So here we have it. What did you think of it? I am enthusiastic, as you can tell. Oh, and for the observers, I left another bit of homage to James Bond on this post. Try to find it.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh Daniel Craig, you sexy bastard.