Thursday 25 June 2015

I worked from home

Summer is finally here, because it is quite hot, a borderline heatwave in fact. At work, we had problems with air conditioning. It was hot and the fans we used didn't help one bit. So in the middle of the afternoon, my manager decided that it was no working conditions and that he and I could go work from home. Which I did. I was lucky enough to catch my train connection right on time. So I was home for the last two hours or so of my working day. I did work beyond my usual time to make up for the time spent in early commuting. Even so, it was far more relaxing than I thought it would be and I was far more efficient that I thought I would be. This is usually why I don't want to work from home, also because I remember in a previous job the work brought home was taking away my evenings and stressing me a lot. But not this time. So I might not mind doing it again, once in a blue moon.

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