Wednesday 17 June 2015

The ever expanding tribe

This is a quick post about tonight's Krav Maga class. I am in pain, as usual, but it is good pain. I feel good. And anyway, however in pain I am, it is far less than when I started. Tonight I did something silly: I forgot to put my sneakers, so I wore my ordinary Clarks shoes instead. But nobody noticed. That is for the meaningless anecdote. More importantly, the number of students has gone up again: one newbie last week, who is very talented (he puts me to shame really), and two newbies this week: a young adult woman, borderline teenager, and a thirteen year old girl, the daughter of one of the veteran students. She is apparently too good for the children classes (because the club I belong to also gives children classes). Sometimes, I feel that we are part of a new tribe of Israel. Except that none of us is Jewish (I don't think so anyway, but I might be wrong). In a way, it is true. I have not made friends yet, true friends I mean, so far they are more acquaintances, but all the same, it does feel like a tribe.

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