Sunday, 4 October 2015

Modest Halloween displays

Today, my wife and I went to Hobbycraft, because she wanted to buy some things for her teaching course (she is studying to become a teacher). I was shocked when I found out that not only were Christmas decorations were already showing, but they were more prominent than Halloween ones. Indeed, Christmast materials were available from the front of the shop to the middle section. It looked like it was everywhere! I found out their Halloween section, in the middle of the shop and it looked far more modest. There was a nice Halloween display (see the picture), with mainly skulls, plenty of Jack O'Lanterns, creepy spiders in cobweb, a few ghosts and interestingly enough, purple roses framing it, which gave the display a nice gloomy look. I took a picture, but it it is not a very good one. This is my problem with businesses' attitude with Halloween in this country: they just don't celebrate it enough. So the display are far too modest and often difficult to find. I still bought a spider web with a big creepy orange spider that has a sucker to stick on the window. It does not stick very well. For one pound, I guess I cannot complain. At least it was cheap.

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