Friday, 16 October 2015

The (many) ghost stories of Oliver Onions

For tonight's countdown to Halloween post, I will blog again about literature. I recently ordered The Dead of Night: the Ghost Stories of Oliver Onions because I wanted to read more of him. Like for most ghost story writers I know about, I discovered Oliver Onions in The Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories. More precisely, The Cigarette Case, which I have been unable to find online. I want my horror stories collection (which is getting bigger and bigger every year) to be made of full work from these writers and not only anthologies, so I ordered this book in early October. It arrived a few days later and... And I was surprised to find that the book is 657 pages long! Usually, the books of Wordsworth Editions are between 200 and 300 pages long. I don't think I will have time to start reading it this year, I have many horror stories books to finish, but it will be on my reading list for next year. I cannot believe sometimes I am in my late thirties and it took me so long to discover all these authors.

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