Tuesday 27 October 2015

Howell At The Moon

Tonight is the full moon, a time for... well, a time for werewolves, with Halloween being imminent and all, it is even more a time for werewolves. So for my countdown to Halloween post, I wanted something werewolf related. I thought I would share (figuratively speaking) a beer I drank this weekend in a local pub, which would be very fitting for tonight. It is from Belhaven Brewery and is fittingly called Howell At The Moon. It is a very dark ale, that tastes dark as much as it looks. A fitting beer for a wolf, or a man turning into one.
I felt very much like a werewolf drinking it. Where I come from, being a heathen and a drinker is actually be enough to risk becoming a werewolf, so this beer might just be what I need to grow fangs, claws and hairs. Well, more hairs than I have now. And even if it does not, it's a perfect beer for a night of full moon when Halloween is around the corner.

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PJ said...

It's also, fittingly for werewolves and their enemies, the Hunter's Moon tonight.