Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A ghostly owl with fiery eyes

For tonight's countdown to Halloween post, I am blogging again about a ghostly owl. I mused about them a few years ago and they appear on this blog from time to time. They almost unmistakably appear around Halloween and for my countdown to Halloween post. They already appeared this year. But I wanted one post about a "real" one, not an image, a flesh and blood and feathers owl. So here it is. There was a display of birds of prey one day during our holidays in York. There were a few ghostly looking owls, with fiery orange eyes. I simply love it. I am always impressed by owls and never get bored watching them. Anyway, you always need one howling to bring a bit of spooky atmosphere. You cannot hear this one, but you can enjoy his fiery eye.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

i love owls and i can't believe halloween is almost here.