Saturday 1 August 2015

When Lammas has come in...

"And as the daylight's fading
When Lammas has come in
And gleamers go to work among the stubble
There comes an autumn sickle
To cut the summer's throat
Before the season knows it is in trouble"

Martin Newell, Black Shuck

I quoted the epic poem last year, to commemorate the first of August and Lammas Day. This passage of the poem made a strong impression on me. It illustrates what August is for me: the passage from summer to autumn. It has harvest associations and deliciously sinister tones. The poem is among my read for the months and weeks leading to Halloween, to get myself in seasonal mood. It is a bit of a horror story in verses. As a reminder to my readership and especially the Halloween and autumn aficionados among them, Lammas has come in. And watch out for ghost hounds.

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