Wednesday 12 August 2015

Being mishpocha?

I hope nobody minds that I blog again about Krav Maga. I am a man of habits, but I try to diversify the topics of my blog posts as much as possible. But anyway, tonight was another Krav Maga class. We are getting more comfortable working and learning together and we also keep in touch through the week, via Facebook or emails. We gathered a few weeks ago for a drink and we socialize during chance encounters in town. Our instructor often talk of us as a big family that he trains, for him it is a bit like a second family. So I half joking said that we were now mishpocha. I know the term from The Wire, which has been used once. It is a Yiddish term meaning family in the large sense, sometimes it includes close friends. It is a fitting term for an Israeli martial art. And it is the word of the day (I try to bring a bit of culture to this blog see). I don't know how mishpocha we really are, as I cannot say any of my fellow warriors are friends. They are still acquaintances, some I don't even know their name. All the same, it is a nice word to use and a status to aspire to.

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