Sunday 30 August 2015

Of trains, toys and men

I took this picture at the National Railway Museum in York. A rather modest picture of my time there, but the pictures of the camera have not been uploaded yet, so I only have the pics taken with my mobile phone available at the moment. The museum was magnificent and maybe the highlight of my holidays. Holidays which were, again, marked by the theme of railways and trains. So we were in the National Railway Museum, which has real sized machines and wagons on display, but also these small models running around behind windows. As there was a crowd of little boys, fathers and grandfathers looking at this particular display, my wife observed: "It's funny how little kids are fascinated by model trains. Big kids too." It deserves to be a great unknown line, on which I will end this post. Prepare to see more posts about trains in the upcoming days and weeks. But then again, trains are a fascinating subject for me and I often blog about them, so it is business as usual.

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