Sunday 2 August 2015

Planning the train journey

This picture might not be very grand, but it is used to illustrate the topic of this post and it is just an excuse as any to upload here more photos of my holidays in Devon. To be more precise, I took this in the steamed train station of Buckfastleigh, which is linked to Totnes. I loved the whole steamed train experience  so much during my holidays there. I love trains and model trains. I love everything about trains. And trains were on my mind a lot tonight, but not the ones in Devon. Rather, the one that will lead to York for our future holidays. Because we have been planning our train journeys there tonight. It is always a bit stressful, however very exciting all the same. Not quite as fun but more practical than merely planning my holiday reads. And I think we now have a good idea of the journey and the route we will take. I am always excited about the journey to a holiday, especially when traveling by train. Getting there is an experience in itself.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

i love trains too. my family all worked for the railroads and we rode trains often.