Thursday 13 August 2015

The Japanese Tea Ceremony

I took this picture from one of the posts on David's Tea's blog. This is what made me read the post. Funny how such simple objects, a cup, a teapot, could convey such atmosphere. I have been to a Chinese tea ceremony and plenty of English ones (which are not truly ceremonies), but never to a Japanese one. I love the idea of a proper ritual for tea, to take the time to enjoy it. Not only its flavour, but the whole moment when you drink with friends and loved ones. This is what I love about tea: it is a convivial drink. And the Japanese understand this and I admire how they give proper respect to tea and thus to the people sharing tea. I hope one day to take part in this ceremony.


PJ said...

Les rituels du thé ont tellement plus de classe que les rituels du cafés.

Rustic Pumpkin said...

I have never seen the tea rituals, but try to treat my leaves with the reverence they deserve each time I brew. The Japanese take the honouring of tea to a whole new level.

Craig said...

Taiwan does tea rather well too. My employer (a Taiwan company) gave me a gift of a very beautiful tea set a couple of years ago which I treasure.