Friday 21 August 2015

The figs are still green

I took this picture almost a week ago in the little alley which is one of of favorite spots in this town. The alley is rather narrow and there is a fig tree from a nearby garden which branches spread all over the side walk. I simply love it. Anyway, after I took the picture I uploaded it on Facebook with this comment: "The figs are still green because we are not in Italy". I thought it was almost wise of me to make this remark, which can be considered a great unknown line. It sumps up the difference between England and Italy: you don't harvest the same fruits, neither do they turn ripe at the same time. In fact, I wonder if these figs will ever get ripe. They are rather incongruous in an English garden. In Italy, they make perfect sense, they belong there. Figs would already be ripe, as I mentioned here (yes, the post is very similar to this one). So every time I see these green figs, I think of Italy.

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Les Insonorisations said...

I partially uncovered my fig tree and it looks like it made it through the rough winter. I had it buried and covered over. The bark was green on the trunk and branches, but it wasn't sprouted yet on the tips like other years.
I also had one fig tree potted in my garage and it has leaves out on all the branches.