Sunday 30 August 2015

The dusk of August

August will end very soon so I thought I would write a post about it. I do it sometimes, August being a month I have ambivalent feelings about. I often feel the August melancholy, this year it was not as bad. Maybe because I came to appreciate more the changing nature of August, the transition it is from summer to autumn. Maybe also because it felt very much autumnal at some moments and since it is my favourite season I think this month bode well for it. And you, how was your August? Did you have the August blues?


Cynthia said...

My August was way too hot for my taste ! I just got back to Paris and the nights are still warm ... I hope September is going to be cooler 22-degrees-ish!

Nellie said...

We had a good August here. Our granddaughter's birthday is August 14, and our anniversary is on August 16 (46 years!), so there is much to celebrate about the month. That pretty well "keeps the blues away.":-)