Monday 10 August 2015

Totnes Castle

I was going through again the pictures I took in Devon, when it struck me that I had barely published on this blog those of Totnes Castle, even though it was one of my favourite highlights of the town. In fact, I only uploaded a picture of it once, when I got back from my holidays. As I am a medievalist, I have to say shame on me. But double shame, because it is such a beautiful castle and I needed to share it with you.

It is situated on top of a hill (Totnes is very hilly) so it towers the town. To utter that the view is, well, let's use the silly adjective of picturesque would be as cliché as it is a crass understatement. If it wasn't for the apparatus of modernity you see from above, you could imagine yourself as a Norman knight looking at this land your people conquered. Because like for many castles, it makes you feel like you are in another time. Or another world entirely. Some could imagine themselves in Westeros or Middle-earth. I have to confess, my mind was wondering how I could transpose this place and its atmosphere in a Dungeons & Dragons setting. Maybe I am the one being crass now, to reduce Totnes Castle to a role playing game setting, but it was at the back of my mind.Whenever I play again, I will remember this place.

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