Thursday 6 August 2015

"Have a cigar!"

"Girls, I think it's about time you start smoking. So here, have a cigar!" This is what I said to my wife's friend's nine year old daughter and her friend (aka the Ticklers) when I offered them... chocolate cigars from the local sweet shop. I like to encourage local businesses and thought offering chocolate cigars would be really funny, especially with these words. It made everybody laugh, so I think it deserves to be a great unknown line. But the girls were underwhelmed by the chocolate itself, sadly. A shame. At their age, I thought chocolate cigars were the most sophisticated kinds of chocolates. I even used them as props when I played certain characters in our make-belief games, either mobsters or businessmen. It's funny how little I needed to be convincing. Then I would just eat the cigar instead of smoking it. So next time, I will buy some for myself. I will appreciate them better.


Nellie said...

Cute and tasty idea! I'd appreciate them!:-)

PJ said...

Je ne comprends pas les enfants d'aujourd'hui. Les cigares en chocolat, c'était tellement meilleur et plus classe que les cigarettes en bonbon!

Cynthia said...

Je croyais que tu avais eu un bébé :)