Tuesday 4 August 2015

The fruits this August

This is a quick post about this month's baskets of fruits from Fruitful Office. One of the things that make me look forward to the first Tuesday of the month. I said yesterday I disliked Mondays. Well, Tuesday, at least one time out of four, is a far more pleasant day, if only for that. It does bring joy in the office, I can tell. People smile more, they chat more, they actually have something trivial to talk about. So the fruits are very popular, as you can see in the snapshot I took of one of the baskets. This months was mainly bananas, apples (green and red) and nectarines. I took one apple and one banana, the nectarine looking a bit too raw. So was the banana, actually, the yellow going a bit green. So I did not have them to accompany my breakfast, like I usually do. The banana I will have tomorrow, hopefully it will have ripened enough by then, the apple I will crunch in a few minutes. All the same, the mere presence of the fruit baskets brightened my Tuesday boosted my morale.

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Craig said...

Much better for you than cakes or muffins which are usually provided to improve moral. I like bananas just as they lose their green and are still firm. I hate over ripe bananas.