Saturday 12 July 2014

The Brownies of Sugar Moon

Well, tonight is the full moon, and today is Saturday, and as it is a weekend tradition, I am going to plug a piece of local food from a local producer. This time it is the brownies from Sugar Moon, a new online business. It has been brought to my attention as it has been created by... Rachel Lucas, Mozart's Girl in person, who is not only as her internet name indicates a die hard admirer of my favourite composer, but also a baker. And what a baker she is! I knew already because my wife and I had tea with her and her husband three years ago and we had the chance to enjoy their hospitality and her cooking. I blogged about it of course.

So I discovered that she had changed her second blog's name  Baking Brownies for Mozart into Sugar Moon Brownies and in one post that she had this new bakery. I was intrigued, I wanted to try them, so I visited her website. I could not choose so decided for a sample menu. And the brownies arrived yesterday. Of course, Rachel does not do things in half, I mean you don't nickname yourself Mozart's Girl when you are a baker to do anything short of amazing, so the presentation was in itself worth the purchase. They were elegantly wrapped in packages, as you can see form the top picture. I almost felt guilty opening them. Then again, I could smell the fresh brownies, so my hesitation lasted about thirty seconds, but I had time to take a few snapshots. There were also a postcard with a kind word from Rachel (don't know if this comes in every package) and a piece of paper with another kind word and a tip about the brownies: try them heated in the microwave for 20 seconds, accompanied by a bit of ice cream. I just might do that. And then brownies themselves are delicious. I think my favourite is salted caramel. But it might change with my mood. So anyway, for those living in the UK, you should try it for a sugar boost.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, if only I weren't in Edmonton!

Deborah @A Garden in The Shire said...

Truly, these brownies are the work of a genius! I took delivery of mine last week and my favourite are the walnut fudge {but I have yet to try the salted caramel} Thank goodness I live in the UK!

Rachel Lucas said...

Dear Guillaume...thanks so much for ordering...and I'm more than happy to hear that you loved your brownies! Great photos too. I feel very flattered to have such a beautiful review. Xx

Guillaume said...

@Debra-They are.
@Deborah-The best I ever had.
@Rachel-It was a pleasure. Thank you for baking them!

Nellie said...

I searched for this post, and how I wish I could order some brownies from Rachel! I was the fortunate recipient of one of her giveaways awhile back. I wonder how these brownies would be by the time they reached stateside.