Sunday 27 July 2014

Sherlock Holmes gamebooks

As I mention two months ago, I am rediscovering, or about to rediscover, the universe of Sherlock Holmes. And I am considering not only reading original stories and watching the many adaptations, but also reading some interactive gamebooks. There are many, from different publishers and different collections. As a child, there was one I used to read and enjoy, but they were a publication of French origins. I am more curious about the Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries collection, which I have seen very often on the shelves when I was a child, but never got myself round to try one. I saw the second title in a café in Montreal once. I checked it quickly, but never played the whole story. Its title, The Black River Emerald, sounded pretty good if you ask me, eerie and mysterious and akin to many titles from Conan Doyle. In any case, I want to read it and the other titles. And if somebody has read/played them, is it any good? Any title you'd recommend? It could be from any collections, not necessarily this one.

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