Tuesday 22 July 2014

A great unknown line about Scandinavia

Rereading this blog, feeling uninspired, I found on this old post a comment from my brother PJ. I decided to blog it, as it is so very definitely a great unknown line. So here it is translated in English:

"We have to admit, everything Scandinavian is cool, isn't it? Whether it is Vikings, trolls, the movies of Bergman, medieval festivals in the ruins of the Hanseantic League, or blonde Swedish women."

This is all very true, of course.


PJ said...

Today (since I have been to every country of the original definition of Scandinavia), I would also add Norwegian fjords and milfs. Sorry for being crude, but it is true.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Don't forget ABBA.

Guillaume said...

@PJ-Fjord is a very crude word.
@Debra-ABBA is the one Scandinavian thing I could easily do without.