Saturday 26 July 2014

Did I have enough of summertime?

I have been asking myself this question over and over again, since the heatwave started a few weeks ago. It is simply too hot for me to appreciate summertime. Maybe it is also because it is not a holiday for me anymore. Maybe summer is truly for children. But right now I feel sweaty, deflated, bored and pretty much blasé. Am I normal? Am I the only one feeling like this?


Nellie said...

I do not like the heat and humidity of summer time. This summer has been a little different, though, and we've actually set a record for a low overnight temperature! Another "cold front" is due in by the first of the week!

Cynthia said...

Summer time? It's practically fall in Paris!

Même pas besoin de vêtements d'été cette année!