Sunday 6 July 2014

The world, viewed from Italy

I am blogging again about this terrestrial globe owned by the family of my Italian friend (one of my Italian friends), from Bergamo, Italy. Well, about two terrestrial globes really: the blue one and the smaller, old-fashioned looking one she also pictured with the big one. The small one also looks like the geography on it is utterly inaccurate. Taken from an old map, maybe? My friend told me on Facebook: "Childhood memories- I used to play a lot with those globes, even though they were not meant for playing..." It is a beautiful evocative line, full of nostalgia and as I am a nostalgic, so this deserves to be a great unknown line. I used to have a globe like this as a child myself, but this is for another post. Right now I want you to see a glimpse of the world, through Italian eyes.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i can't tell you how much time i spent studying the globe when i was a kid. i don't think my kids have ever looked at one. pretty sad.

Guillaume said...

It is a lost leisure. Now we have Google Earth, but Google Earth is not in 3D.