Sunday 22 August 2010

Writing from the attic room

I am one spoiled blogger, as I said recently. Today, I even think that I am spoiled rotten. As I am writing this, I am in an attic room in my in-laws's house. I say attic room and it is not quite the attic, but it is on the floor above ground and one of the walls follows the angle of the roof. I love this particular kind of rooms in a building, I feel like it is a particularly stimulating environment to live in.

So we are on holidays visiting my wife's family. usually when I use the computer, I would squat in the computer room when there is not too many people (so I won't bother anyone with my typing). But my father-in-law installed this computer in a small room next to our bedroom. It is a perfect working place. I can see the garden from the window and it is just small enough to feel like a creative nest (I often compare attics to a nest).

I discovered this recently (probably because of this post from Mozart's Girl ): in my everydaylife, in my own flat in an otherwise lovely attic (as most attics are), I lack a proper writing room. I had this when I was living in Montreal (but it was also my bedroom, so it also made me an insomniac), but not since then. Some place remote from distractions, where I can devote time and energy to writing. If I was a serious writer and not merely a blogger, I would probably want a room like this. I would probably need a library full of books next to the desk where I have the computer, I would also cover the walls with atmospheric posters and ideally I would have a cat close to me, as for some reason I think they are the perfect animal companions for this solitary creature that is the writer.

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