Sunday 15 August 2010

The reading list for the weeks ahead

August so far has been rainy and a little bit gloomy. During daytime it is warm enough to feel like summertime still, but it does not look like summer. Not much anyway. It might change before the end of the month.

Now, the far from perfect weather made me spend more time inside reading and I got into my the crime novel I am reading much faster than expected. Reading makes me fight Sunday boredom and melancholia, and August melancholia too, so it makes me a faster reader. This means that I have to quickly plan the reading list for the weeks ahead.

As people might know, the books I read are often chosen according to the seasons and the time of the year. We are already at the middle of August, so I will allow myself to read some more crime fiction for the next two weeks or so. Then, as September starts I will gradually switch to horror fiction, most likely M.R. James. There are a couple of short fiction books I have that I want to get back into, maybe between two novels. Horror stories will be on my reading list until Halloween of course, then it will be back to crime fiction and hopefully more serious reading. I say this and I will most likely read Shining City before the end of summertime. If I plan correctly, I might be able to stay busy until Christmas. Of course, I do not adhere strictly to the list, but it gives me a nice frame if I cannot decide which the books I am going to read.

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