Tuesday 24 August 2010

Reading outside

One of the good things about being on holidays is that it sometimes allows you to do some extensive reading. When I work, I only read sporadically, even at weekends. If I was doing lots of tourism, it would not be possible, but this is a more quieter kind of holidays we are having now. So I can read a lot and keep my mind on the text. Reading while commuting is a great way to kill time, but what I am doing now is more relaxing.

I am also lucky enough that this Breton summer so far has been good for this: it is in general nice outside, not too hot to be unbearable but warm enough to be comfortable. So I spend a great deal of time reading outside, with a beer or some tea. Pure bliss.


Mozart's Girl said...

Bliss indeed Guillaume! I envy you...I have stacked up books I yearn to read or reread, but so much to do right now that they are gathering dust, Sounds like you're having a true & relaxing holiday.Enjoy! Good luck with the dog-sitting too....fun!! xox Rachel

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Does sound like pure bliss my friend! Wish we were on holiday about now. Be sure to take lots of photos to share! And thanks for the link to the French song...spooky cool! :o)

Guillaume said...

@Mozart's Girl-Thanks. I am glad I brought a few books here, as I might get through themr eally quickly.
@Wendy-I have taken a few photos already, will put them on when I get back. For the French song, you are welcomed.