Tuesday 24 August 2010

Garden wildlife

So I was reading in the garden this afternoon, right by the birds' manger. The birds are so comfortable with us that they don't stay away when one sits close to the manger: they just come by and eat. They are not the only ones who show up: there are also three mice (not the deadly three blind mice) who live in the ground by the plants nearby who come and eat what was left on the ground by the birds. I am usually not too keen on mice (too close to the rats), but those three mice I don't mind. I actually find them kind of cool.

Watching the mice and the birds, and knowing that this house also has bats, lizards and sometimes owls as neighbours, I felt like I was in a setting for an Autumnwatch animal program. It was feeling like summertime more than it ever did in the last few weeks, yet there was something that reminded me of the program. Maybe it is because Autumwatch opened my eyes to the proximitythere is between us and the animal kingdom. There is a wood nearby, but wildlife is practically at our doorstep.


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Unfortunately in Florida we are close the Insect Kingdom and every other creepy crawly scary creature there is. I need to move North! The place sounds so nice...the only missing is the cooler weather. I'd definitely go back once it's cool!

Guillaume said...

The cooler weather came today. Not much cooler, but not quite summery. It does feel like autumn is peeking at the door.